Friday, 28 September 2012

Macmillan Cancer Support Charity Event

Macmillan Cancer Support provides practical help for those people afflicted with cancer and their families.

This charity is especially dear to the hearts of many people in my church community, because unfortunately there are many members that have either died of cancer, are currently in remission, or are facing ongoing treatments. Macmillan has helped every one of them.

Today we had a "hot chocolate" morning. Macmillan stages a country-wide charity drive that they call "The World's Biggest Coffee Morning."  Obviously, being LDS, we don't drink coffee, so we provided hot chocolate instead!

But the real stars of the show were all the cakes. People made cakes, bought cakes, and ate cakes. For a couple of hours this morning we had the perfect excuse to chat, munch and donate.

In fact, we took in over £150 today! I am so excited about this, and really proud of everyone who took part, especially my children.

I temporarily lost my mind and encouraged everyone to bake their own cakes for the day. We went through a recipe book, made a list and went shopping.

 The oldest, age 9, made a carrot cake. She pretty much did the entire thing, I just read through the recipe with her. I topped it off with a ginger and lemon glaze after she went to bed. This recipe could have been cut in half, it was so HUGE. Massive, heavy, dense cake. She was on cloud nine when people asked for the recipe! It was a big hit.

 My gap-toothed, nearly 8 year old made sugar cookies. Lots and lots of them. The reddish-pink ones were iced by himself, and the purple ones were iced by his sisters. The little children in attendance gobbled them up!

My five year old made a lemon cake with her daddy. We have specific nights of the week where each child is allowed to stay up past their bed time and have special one-on-one time with their parents. It's usually Dad who spends time with them, because he's not around as much as I am! She really enjoyed baking with him and was very proud of how the cake turned out.

The baby of the family will not be left out. I neglected to choose a recipe for her before we went shopping, but she grabbed a boxed cake mix with Peppa Pig plastered all over it. Those little white squares on each cupcake are sugar rice papers of Peppa Pig's face. She is especially proud of the chocolate icing on top, and when I asked her later what she thought of the cakes, she just said "CHOCOLATE." Thatta girl.

I got in on the baking action, too, despite the fact that I don't eat sugar any more. Glutton for punishment? Maybe. I used to enjoy baking and even had a blog devoted to it, but now I find it more fun to watch other people bake. I was disappointed in my creation, an apple flan, because the pastry didn't turn out right and the apple topping was watery. People had a hard time getting it out of the pan, too. Oh well. At least I wasn't getting judged on it.

And just for fun, some out-takes:


Anonymous said...

They look awesome. I wish we could have been there xx

Raisin4Cookies said...

We would have loved to see you, Anonymous! If only to discover the real you.... :D

Progressive Prophetess said...

cute little pumpkins you have.

Raisin4Cookies said...

Thanks, PP! x