Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Women in the Scriptures Giveaway!

Heather at Women in the Scriptures is hosting a Blogiversary Giveaway! She has several postcard-sized prints of a beautiful painting of influential Mormon women to give away to one of her lucky readers. What a perfect gift from her blog!

I am so grateful that I stumbled across her blog a little over a year ago. Her insights and testimony have helped my own to blossom, and I really feel more at home with my place in the world and the eternities. She even encouraged me to write a guest post for her blog a few months ago! That is an honour that I am still quite giddy about, actually.

It is really hard to narrow down a favourite post, but one of the best is about the symbolism of veils. It made me realise how much I DON'T know about ancient times and Old Testament symbols, and how the permeate our modern day culture in so many ways. It has given me the "bug" to learn more about the Old Testament and make it a priority to study more. I love to learn, so this is a great gift.

Living in England, I don't often enter blog giveaways. Most of the blogs I read are based in North America and the postage is too high for many people. But I don't care about winning; I just wanted to spread the word about this lovely blog and the artist whose work is being showcased.

So go click on the links and enter the giveaway, or at least have a browse in the Etsy stores. Gorgeous paintings and a wonderful blog. Hurray!


Heather@Women in the Scriptures said...

Oh, you are sweet. and You made me blush :) I am so glad we have "met" too! Maybe one of these days I'll make it to your side of the ocean :)

By the way did your husband and daughter end up being able to go to the temple open house?

Raisin4Cookies said...

I'm afraid not - they had a jam packed visit with friends and family and they couldn't make it up there. Bummer! Also, the tickets were completely gone by the time I found out about it. She got to see the Salt Lake Temple, which was a wonderful experience, so it'll have to do. :)