Friday, 12 October 2012

Back to School

Last week, I sent the school applications to the county council.

Two days ago, I got a call from them saying they had an opening for my 5 year old at BOTH schools we requested.

Yesterday, we toured the school closest to our house.

Today, we decided to go for it! I spoke to the school and she is starting on MONDAY.

She has 1 school skirt and 1 pinafore. We are going to have to do some serious shopping tomorrow!

I'm kind of dizzy at how fast this change has come about. I sent the paperwork off and expected a good month or so before hearing from the powers that be. Now, within the space of a week and a half, our entire family life will be different.

I am at peace with this choice, although it's taken me some serious thought and tossing-and-turning before I've come to that conclusion. It will be ok. Good, even!

She will have something special and important that's all her own, which is something she needs. She'll get to  be her own person outside of the family. And when her brother finally gets a place (he's on the waiting list), she'll be able to show him the ropes!

I'm happy for her.

And if it doesn't work out, she can always come home again!


Heather@Women in the Scriptures said...

Congrats! It is amazing how when things re right they work out! By the way, what is a pinafore? I am much too american to know!

Raisin4Cookies said...

It's true, Heather; I'm certain this is the right choice for us now, simply because of how quickly it all fell into place. It's amazing how the Lord can work in our lives!

A pinafore is like a jumper, I guess. It's a sleeveless dress that needs a polo shirt underneath. I will try to post pictures of her in uniform next week!

Jo said...

I just started reading your blog - I followed a link from Heather's blog actually! :) I am really enjoying it - I am an LDS girl living in the UK too! I have two kids (both boys) and my oldest is almost 3yrs. It's time to think about sending him to pre-school but reading your blog and a couple of others have got me thinking about homeschooling! It's something I never thought I would be considering (I wasn't confident that I would be able to do it) but reading about people who ARE doing it has given me such a confidence boost! So thank you!

It's good that you are at peace with this decision regarding your daughter going to school. I am so glad it is working out and I really hope it is a positive experience for her! I bet she looks so cute in her uniform!