Monday, 17 December 2012


I really enjoy singing. I used to perform in a Gilbert and Sullivan society, but when we moved to our new town (2 years ago, so not really new anymore) I had to give that up. Life got busy, and I didn't really want to commit to singing in a big production again, but I missed the singing part.

Currently, my only singing outlet is through church. I recently performed Whistle Down the Wind at a "Musical Extravaganza". It had been a while since I sang solo in front of an audience, and the adrenaline made me shaky for the first few bars! Once I got into it, I felt confident and happy up there. Good thing, too - my pianist forgot his music and had to improvise during the song! That meant an unexpected pause in the music where I had to sing a cappella. Gulp! It actually sounded like we did it on purpose, so the performance worked out fine.

Fast forward a month, and I've been asked to sing a duet with a friend during our church's Carols by Candlelight service. Funnily enough, the piece we are singing is called Candlelight Carol. It's a beautiful song. I am also singing with our church choir, which is incredibly fun also.

I have gotten the taste for singing back. I love the challenge of learning a new tune, getting the breathing right, the timing and dynamics. I have very little musical training - I stopped taking piano lessons after a few weeks at the age of 10 or so, and I played the clarinet for a couple of years during middle school. I know how to sight read, but can't actually name the notes without going through that old mnemonic device: Every Good Boy Does Fine. I'd like to be a tad more knowledgeable on the subject! In fact, eventually, I'd like to learn how to be a choir conductor, and coax beautiful music out of a group of willing subjects. (someday...)

Unfortunately, there aren't any amateur choirs in the area that I can join. They either don't exist, or are full up. I am a Soprano, and it seems like most women who sing are sops. Maybe not, but every choir I've been has been Soprano-heavy. My friend - who is in the Candlelight Carol duet with me - is an Alto (her voice is simply gorgeous, I feel lucky to sing with her). She would like to join a choir but can't either, and we recently had a conversation bemoaning our lack of singing opportunities. We want songs that are challenging and interesting and just plain HARD to sing! It's more fun that way.

So we hit upon the idea of this: Who cares if we can't join a choir or sing in a concert? Let's just SING.

We are going to get together once a month and learn an amazing song, get it perfect, and see where it takes us. Maybe nowhere. But maybe life will take us in interesting directions, and we'll get the opportunity to perform a song that we've already practiced and polished. Fun, right? Singing for the pure joy of it. I like the sound of that.

My friend is musically trained and has a love for opera. So.... we are going to learn the Flower Duet from Lakme.

Gulp! High, or what?!

But I love a challenge. I'm really excited to try!


Zelda said...

Good luck - I would love to be able to do something like this.

Raisin4Cookies said...

Thanks! Are you a singer? What do you do to keep singing?