Saturday, 26 January 2013

Mood swings and dishes

I've found a connection between my moodiness and the state of my kitchen. It turns out, the dirtier and messier it is, the more depressed I get!

This cute little wall sign is just not true for me:

See the artfully "messy" display? That sort of a mess breeds in my house, turning into something like this:

Only my kitchen is probably about half the size of this one, with twice as many bowls and cutlery stacked up perilously high.

I once got published at a comedy site and they came up with this info-graphic to match my words. This is how I feel about doing the dishes most of the time:

It really is strange how my mood changes so significantly while I'm doing the dishes. We don't have room in our kitchen for a dishwasher -- and I'm not entirely convinced it would cut down on my work load anyway -- so it's just me standing there for a half an hour, at least once a day.

Once I get over my disdain for STARTING the job (see above), I actually don't mind it all that much. It's a bit meditative, doing repetitive tasks, and I have frequently received flashes of insight or inspiration while washing bowls and spoons. The feeling of satisfaction after a job well done is also nice.

I have this tendency to think that once I've cleaned something, it should STAY THAT WAY for a really long time. HA. Ridiculous, I know. I have four kids, for goodness sake.

But I just can't get away from the fact that my mood is linked to the number of dirty dishes in the house, or just the general cleanliness of the kitchen itself. I don't require it to be sparkling (the oven needs to be seriously scrubbed soon and the floor is always covered with something crunchy...) but I need enough space to prepare food and it needs to be clean enough to avoid contamination.

My standards are really high, I know.


Mortons said...

OK, you need me to come and move next door or something. I am absolutely LOVING doing the dishes and scrubbing everything in sight at the moment. Just give me a good sponge/scourer and all the fairy liquid my heart desires and once I stop sniffing the stuff I am as good as any top quality dishwasher! The nesting will stop soon I suppose. Also, knowing that it is all there waiting for me when I wake up in the morning is unbearable. That's my greatest motivation.

Raisin4Cookies said...

There are many other good reasons for having you as a neighbour, but that sounds like one to add to the list for sure! :)

My friend once told me that waking up to a sink full of dirty dishes is like starting her day in a deficit. I totally agree, I just need to form the habit of acting on it.

Here We Are Together said...

You are so absolutely right! Haha! I need my house to be clean, especially my kitchen!

Heather@Women in the Scriptures said...

I agree wth you. I really hate having a messy kitchen but i hate cleaning itto. My techinque is to wait tillit gets so bad my husband cant stand it any more and does them. Your grahic ade me laugh, mostly becse fr the ast wek we have been using paper plates!i guess i am in he flee tage!