Thursday, 18 July 2013


Last week, my oldest daughter and I went on a little trip to Greece. Why just us, do you ask? It is a long story, but to sum up:

My mom wanted to visit a hot country for her holidays this year, and asked if my daughter could go with her. She's ten now, so my husband and I thought it would be fine. We kept it a secret from her, because as luck would have it, my sweet child broke her arm about an hour (literally) after my mom booked the trip! Typical or what... we didn't want her stressing about having a cast while on holiday, so we didn't tell her until the cast was off and she was officially discharged from the hospital.

In the meantime, my mom's health went downhill pretty fast, and her doctor told her that she wasn't allowed to go on the trip. Very sad news all around. She tried to cancel the trip under her travel insurance T&C's, but since my daughter doesn't live with her, they wouldn't refund her portion of the cost. That was a lot of money to just give up forever, so we came up with a new plan. For a small-ish fee, they would change her name to another relative's, namely me. 

So that's it. I went to Greece with my daughter instead of my mom. It was a bittersweet experience, because the whole time I just thought about how much fun my mom would have had, and how sad I was that she couldn't be there...

We were on a little tiny island called Kalymnos, not far from Turkey. To give you an idea of how small the island is -- from the capital and port to the other side of the island and our hotel took the taxi driver less than 10 minutes. Ha! It was across the most narrow part of the island, but still. Small place.

We used several modes of transport to get to our hotel -- train, plane, boat, taxi -- it was quite the experience.

The hotel itself was right on the beach. This picture shows the view from the pool-side bar area. Walk three steps down from the bar, and you are standing on the beach. The sea breezes were phenomenal, and we were perfectly positioned to watch sunsets each night.

We loved the palm trees dotted about. This one is along the entrance path to the hotel itself. Looks almost tropical, doesn't it?

It's actually a very dry place. I honestly don't know how plants survive there, because the heat and lack of rain must kill off most things. The hills were basically just rock and dirt, and the weeds looked completely baked. There were plenty of cacti around, though!

Proof that I was there -- at 28 weeks pregnant no less! Not much of a bump-y picture, but I blame the loose clothing. I definitely look preggo.

My daughter is a much better swimmer now than she was when we first arrived! 5 hours a day of non-stop swimming will do that. We didn't go very many places outside of walking distance (except for one chartered boat trip that made a stop so we could snorkel in the sea -- so cool), because the bus drivers were on strike that week! Typical. We pretty much stayed pool-side the entire week.

But who can blame us? With views like this to take in, we didn't care if we were anywhere else.... 

More proof that I was there. Most of the pictures of me in Greece are at this angle -- my daughter was too busy to take snapshots of me! I made that hat -- it worked very well and I didn't have any sunburns on my face or neck. (I got some burns elsewhere though! On the first day especially, I forgot to reapply sunscreen. Rookie mistake)

One of the entrances to the restaurant on the beach, just a short walk from our hotel. I am washing my feet of sand in the tap provided.

Sunset over the sea, taken from the beach restaurant near our hotel. Gorgeous!

I do love the colours in this one, although I'm not sure why the sea foam looks green. I think it might be a reflection from the restaurant lights.

Greek flag, flying from the ferry that took us back to Kos, where the airport was.

I very much enjoyed it, but wish I knew the language! That was definitely a disadvantage, even if just to say thank you or hello to other people. They mostly knew a bit of English, but I like to be polite to others in their own country by using the language. 

It was very hot there, but living in the pool or sea made things bearable. Coming back home to England, we found similar temperatures, but no sea breezes or outdoor pools to be found. Sad! 

I'm glad to be home. I missed everyone else in my family!