Monday, 5 August 2013

Coke Glasses and Tears

This morning, my three year old daughter accidentally dropped the Coca-cola glass that was Very Precious to her older sister, and it shattered.

The three year old was distraught at the damage she caused, the six year old was distraught at the loss of her cup, and while I was wildly gesticulating and desperately attempting to get them both out of the kitchen before they cut their feet, I accidentally whacked my 10 year old in the face.

All three girls were sobbing hysterically while I swept up the glass. (the millions itty bitty pieces of glass that it naturally shattered into.)

It made for an interesting morning.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Grateful for Pain?

Gratitude is a funny thing. It's easy to be grateful when things are going well; it's easy to be happy with life when things are going your way!

During my last pregnancy, I was utterly miserable most of the time. I had all-day nausea that didn't let up until well into the second trimester; then I got a virus and puked anyway; then a few weeks later I ended up with the little-known third trimester nausea. It was pretty grueling. As a result, I had very little interest in "eating right". I just ate whatever didn't make me feel sick at the time, which was usually chocolate and McDonald's. Needless to say, I gained a fair amount of weight! This didn't help with back pain and joint issues, and by the time I was settled firmly into my third trimester, I could barely get around. It was horrible.

I really didn't want to repeat that scenario with this pregnancy, and before getting pregnant I started attending the gym regularly and paid strict attention to what I was eating. I felt great, but the first trimester was still rough.

My second trimester, though? It flew by! I felt fantastic and could barely believe that I hit 28 weeks while I was in Greece. At the end of each day, I was astounded by how normal and easy everything felt.

So I got a little cocky - a little complacent. I decided to take my kids to the seaside last Monday. It was a glorious day; we went to a quiet beach with a tide pool for the kids to splash in, dunes to explore, wildlife to marvel over, and waves to surf on! My husband couldn't take any time off work, so it was just my pregnant self waddling after four energetic kids. I got the chance to swim in the North Sea, though, so everything worked out well.

Unfortunately, walking along the sand while carrying heavy bags injured me. That night, I was HURTING. I felt better the next day, so I decided to do some deep cleaning and furniture moving. Clever, eh? By the end of the week I could barely sit and I struggled to drive for more than a 10 minute jaunt.

After a visit with my physio friend, my pelvis is back in alignment, but I've been mentally kicking myself even so. All of this pain and frustration could have been avoided if I hadn't pushed myself so hard. Hopefully, after a couple of weeks of not lifting anything, no sweeping or hoovering, no heavy housework, etc, I should be feeling back to normal completely.

So even though my third trimester is turning into something painful and uncomfortable, I think I still have plenty to be grateful for. My children are empathetic enough and old enough to help me out. They each have assigned jobs, but also are learning to cooperate better and work as a team. This is a good thing for now, but the future as well. I'm hoping these lessons will last well into my final days pregnant, early baby days, and beyond. I am grateful for my physio friend who came over and adjusted my pelvic alignment. This is her specialty, and she told me that the local hospital doesn't actually treat this condition at all. She works privately instead. What a boon to know her! (she's also pretty great in her own right, it has to be said)

I'm also grateful for a hot, dry-ish summer. The kids can play outdoors instead of bickering inside all day long. I don't have to think of lots of things to keep them occupied, because the sun is shining! Go outside to play!

Two months left, give or take. I think I'll be okay.