Monday, 2 September 2013

Week One: Meals, Shopping list, and Recipe

Week One meals are as follows:

·      Broccoli and Sweetcorn flan (with potatoes and carrots)
·      Cheesy Bean Hotpot (with bread rolls)
·      Aubergine and Bean Gratin (with buttery rice and peas)
·      Black-eyed Bean Stew (with potatoes and peas and/or sweetcorn)
·      Smoked Salmon pasta (with salad)
·      Asparagus and Mushroom strata (with mixed veg)
·        Chickpea Pasta (with garlic bread)

I haven't ordered these by days of the week, because I need flexibility based on how complicated the meal is vs what we are doing that day. Something I can prepare in advance (like the strata) is perfect for a day where we plan to be out a lot and I need something that won't put much pressure on me or require standing up in the kitchen for long periods of time.

Shopping List

®   Aubergines x 4
®   Single cream
®   Basil
®   Small leek
®   Black-eyed beans
®   Smoked salmon
®   Bread rolls (or flour)
®   Soy sauce
®   Broccoli (frozen or fresh)
®   Spaghetti
®   Bunch of asparagus
®   Spinach
®   Butter
®   Sweetcorn (frozen)
®   Button mushrooms x 300-500g
®   Thyme
®   Cannellini beans
®   Tinned tomatoes
®   Carrots
®   Tomato puree
®   Carrots (frozen)
®   Tomatoes
®   Celery
®   Chickpeas
®   Coconut oil
®   Cream cheese
®   Eggs x 18
®   Fettuccine or Spaghetti
®   Flour
®   Garlic
®   Garlic bread
®   Grated cheese
®   Kidney beans
®   Large loaf of sourdough bread
®   Milk
®   Mixed Italian herbs
®   Mixed vegetables (frozen)
®   Onions
®   Oregano
®   Parmesan cheese
®   Pastry
®   Peas (frozen)
®   Potatoes
®   Rice
®   Rocket and other salad leaves

As you can see, the shopping list is alphabetical, but I really need to group it by sub-categories like "fresh", "frozen" and "tins/packets". I sent my husband to the grocery store with a list like this, and he was there for twice as long as he would have been because he kept walking back and forth trying to find things! So that is still a work in progress....

Chickpea Pasta
·        Tomatoes
·        ½ onion, chopped
·        1 cup chickpeas with some water
·        Oregano
·        Basil
·        Thyme
·        Salt & pepper to taste
·        Italian herbs
·        Garlic
·        Spinach
      Fettuccine (or spaghetti)

1.     Saute onions
2.     Add cooked chickpeas
3.     Add herbs, seasonings, and garlic – stir
4.     Add spinach; once wilted, add tomatoes and warm through
5.     Serve over cooked pasta with garlic bread

This is one of those recipes without much by way of quantities; sorry! I doubled it for my family of six, but in retrospect should not have doubled the chickpeas as well. Everyone said there were too many, and left a lot of them in their bowls. But the sauce itself was lovely!


5inthebed said...

Yum! Can you come and plan meals for us... And enforce it with my kids/husband) pretty pleeeease ;)

I may have to try that recipe asap.

KK1 said...

I imagine myself walking round Aldi as I write my shopping list. I leave big gaps because I always forget things and have to add them in after.